Successful realisation of the pilot implementation phase in Bulgaria

Since beginning of November 2023, the Bulgarian partners started the pilot implementation of the project. It is related to the R2. Self-assessment digital tool about the level of Burnout syndrome among teachers, where teachers can self-assess their possible level of Burnout syndrome in 11 different domains.  Based on the results of the tool, suitable teachers coping strategies on how to overcome stress & fatigue and how to overcome emotional exhaustion are linked to the R1 Handbook with guidelines, which will include activities and preventive measures to prevent Burnout syndrome of teachers as post-COVID measure.

The piloting is implementing in the 94 High school “Dimitar Strashimirov” Sofia, 93 High school “Alexander Teodorov – Balan” Sofia and 102 Primary school “Panayot Volov” Sofia. So far more than 160 teachers passed through the self-assessment tool and have access to the Handbook with preventive strategies.

In April 2024, a national report with the findings from the implementation process and results from the evaluation will be presented at the project final multiplier event.