Project results

R1. Handbook with guidelines, activities and preventive measures to prevent Burnout syndrome of teachers as post-COVID measure

The handbook provides information in easy to understand language to teachers with regards to the definition and symptoms of Burnout syndrome including explanations with regards to Burnout stages, antecedents, Prevention and intervention measures, Next steps and challenges, Strategies for Burnout control as well as innovative practices and exercises to prevent and cope with Burnout syndrome.

R2. Self-assessment digital tool about the level of Burnout syndrome among teachers

The self-assessment tool provides an evaluation of the possible level of Burnout syndrome among teachers. Based on the results of the tool, suitable teachers coping strategies on how to overcome stress & fatigue and how to overcome emotional exhaustion are linked to the R1 handbook.

R3. Project portal with tips and activities for Burnout prevention

This portal provide tips and activities for further prevention programme, we would like to improve the mental and physical well-being, health and sustainable development of the teachers in our networks and contacts with a training that addresses their holistic thinking on their resilience towards potential Burnout syndrome.

R4. Implementation report including case studies and testimonials with recommendations for future exploitation

We will elaborate a training of 80 teachers on Burnout syndrome prevention guidelines and self-review via self-assessment tool. We will raise teachers’ awareness on how to be resistant to potential Burnout syndrome and making their mental health more stable as well as we will raise the society awareness on teachers’ mental health. Our cooperation and the results, which the project will develop, will lead to further capacity building of our staff, our trainers and also we are eager to spread this know-how to other schools and NGOs. Our initiative will be monitored also by advisory experts from relevant ministries of educational, health, social policy, social welfare in Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The following tools and methods will be used to measure if we have achieved the project objectives:
– Feedback gathering from participants in the piloting (teachers) via survey, that will be provided to them at the end of the pilot implementation phase and will be submitted online (Google form) or on paper. The results will be consolidated into country report.
– Post-evaluation survey at the end of each partners transnational project meetings. Summary of the results and recommendations will be provided in written Powerpoint format.
– 8 interviews with teachers, who participated in the training will be captured by both partners
– 16 testimonials from teachers also will be collected by both partners.

Bulgarian version of deliverables

Spanish version of deliverables

Turkish version of deliverables