Successful final transnational partners meeting 11-12.04.2024, Istanbul, Turkiye

The final transnational partners meeting were held in 11th and 12th of April 2024 in Istanbul, Turkiye. The event was hosted by the Turkish partner World Innovative Sustainable Solutions, Istanbul, Turkiye. The focus of the meeting was the results from the pilot implementation phase in Bulgaria, Spain and Turkiye where more than 200 teachers passed the self-assessment of Burnout syndrome and took part in the prevention programme.

The partners discussed the feedback gathered from the teachers, which shows sucessful results of the programme. Moderate to high degree of causes and factors of stress in the work as teacher is evident. Stress is already become or becoming serious problem for the respondents. In Bulgaria teachers have moderate tollerance towards stress, while in Spain they have high stress tolerance and Burnout values. Moderate to high values of self-efficacy are evident in three countries.  Although moderate levels of Burnout predominate in the three countries, there is around 14% of the respondents, which have higher Burnout values. This concerns both physiological and psychological factors. In Bulgaria,respodents shows higher level of mental well-being, while in Spain, there are respondents with low to moderate level as well. In Bulgaria and Turkiye, we have higher commitment to work, while in Spain is moderate to high. In Bulgaria and Turkiye we have moderate degree of job satisfaction, while in Spain predominates higher degree of it. In Bulgaria and Turkiye, the motivation related to the work itself is moderate with some additional cases of high motivation in Spain.